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Welcome to impulse: Half-Life 2 Roleplay

Welcome! impulse Half-Life 2 Roleplay is now officially open! After 12 months of development, 750+ commits, 27,000 lines of code and lots of moments when I and witness have wanted to tear our hair out it’s finally complete!

Semi-Serious HL2RP is back

We strive to continue the legacy of Apex-Roleplay and bring you the best semi-serious experience yet, voice chat, wire, building access, it’s all here. To celebrate this we’ve enabled double XP for the first 24 hours.

Connection details

You can connect to impulse HL2RP right now by clicking here! More details below:

IP :
or find us in the ‘impulse: Half-Life 2 Roleplay’ server section in the server browser


All the required content will be downloaded when you join the server. Please go to your Garry’s Mod options > Other and select ‘Allow all custom files from server’ before joining.

Example of how your settings should look (except the chipmunk)

Rules are rules

Please take a read of our updated rules here. They are similar to Apex however there are several changes. We understand everyone might not be completely familiar and staff will provide extra leniency in the first week.

Getting started

We’ve made a tutorial document that gives a load of tips and info on how to play impulse view it here. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll always help!

Bug squashing

This release is a beta version of impulse, expect bugs. If you find any please report them here.

Join the community

Finally, please join us on our Steam group, Discord and Forum and get involved!

We hope you enjoy impulse: Half-Life 2 Roleplay!