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City 8 Map Change Event Details

Volatile Elements will be the first major event on impulse HL2RP. Find out when it’s happening and how to take part below.

When and where?

The event will occur on the 5th of January (on Sunday) at 5:30PM GMT (UK time). The event will last approximately 40 minutes. Please be aware there may be delays during the event.

What to expect

We are not going to reveal much about the event yet, however, this will be the biggest event you’ve ever seen. We’d recommend playing as CP, OTA or rebel for this event. At the end of the event we’ll be changing the map to City 8 and patch 1.14 will be released.

How to get a slot

To ensure you get a slot we highly recommend joining 1-2 hours before the event begins. This is because we expect the server to be completely full before and during the event. Make sure you don’t go AFK at any point or you’ll lose your slot.

Extra capacity for the event
We’ll be bringing server up to a capacity of 72 for the event. 8 of these slots will be reserved for donators, this will mean donators will get a ‘fast pass’ into the event.

See you at the event!