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Development Roadmap

This roadmap has been made to display some of my plans for impulse Half-Life 2 Roleplay. Take a look below to see what we’ll be working on in the future.


Before I begin, no dates are being given here and nothing in this roadmap is final. Some stuff may never appear, some stuff might get added and some might be significantly delayed or changed. Furthermore, this roadmap only documents major updates, it does not document patches or standard updates (except for the City 8 patch which I’ll have details on tomorrow), so don’t worry if something you want is not on this list, it’s only listing the major changes.

The Roadmap

*city 8 is not a major update and is only listed because it’s the next patch
*other map changes are excluded from this roadmap

The Poll

You may be asking why the medical update is first even though it was the lowest-rated on the straw poll I put out, the reason is simple, the medical system is needed to fully implement the Vortigaunt and Overwatch major updates. Both updates rely upon the systems provided by the Medical major update.

City 8 When?

Dates for patch 1.14 (City 8 Patch) and the major event for the map change will be released tomorrow.

Special thanks to Morgan for making the graphics for this blog post.