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Helping fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Recently a large-scale outbreak of COVID-19, a type of virus known has Coronavirus has occured. As a result we’ve decided to dedicate all the spare resources of our dedicated server to help scientists fight, model and find a cure for this virus. We are using a system called [email protected] which allows us to ‘donate’ spare resources from our server to scientific research projects around the world. You can read more about how it works here.

Prevent spread

Remember to wash your hands thouroughly and follow the advice of your governments to prevent spread. Advice for UK citizens. Advice for US citizens. You can also google ‘covid 19’ for advice in your country.

You can help too

If you want to, you can donate the spare resources of your computer to fight coronavirus. [email protected] is a simple program to install and can be set up so it only uses your resources when you are idle. Find out how to install it (in less than 5 minutes) here.

Avoid misinformation

Social media is not the best place to be getting your news from, we’d reccomend the following news sources for accurate and localised reporting around the world:

Stay safe.