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The numbers behind impulse

Hi, it’s been just over 6 months since the launch of impulse so I thought it would be time to share some statistics with you guys. Here we go.


Reports completed: 18,158
Average response time: 144 seconds
Average report time: 267 seconds
Warnings issued: 2,124
Bans issued: 1,591
Total staff who have served: 23
Ban requests/appeals processed: 741
Tickets processed: 184
Moderator applications submitted: 39
Moderator applications accepted: 10 (the 13 other staff were appointed before applications)


Total items that have entered circulation: 1,749,912 (1.75 million) (this does not include combine items)
Total items still in circulation: 191,433
Most common item: Cloth


Total unique players: 9,561
Total unique characters created: 8,482
Average bank money: 1,577 tokens
Most common model: Male 07 (of course)
Total bank money: 13,371,964 tokens (13.4 million)
Total XP: 5,606,370 (5.6 million)
Active CP whitelists: 42
Registered groups: 19


Total donations: 615 (<3)
Most popular length: 1 month (75% of donations)


Total commits: 1,270
Lines added: 74,845
Lines removed: 23,712
Current lines: 51,133
Total patches released: 12
Total updates released: 3
Total event sequences scripted: 45
Bugs squished: 113+


Total in-game messages: 7.2 million (approx)
Discord members: 851
Forum members: 936
Forum threads: 2,164
Forum messages: 19,957
Forum reactions: 13,343

Thanks for making impulse a success! <3 – vin