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Changes in development

Hi. impulse has been a project I’ve been working on since January 2019, with the framework taking 11 months to complete and consistent content updates being provided for over 10 months after. With 1.4 bringing impulse out of beta, and with changes to how much I enjoy working on this project I’m going to be changing how impulse is developed. impulse is at the end of the day a volunteer project, thousands of hours have been dedicated to it’s development and I work on it solely because it’s fun. Unfortunately it’s not fun for me any more due to a small but vocal minority of the community. As a result, impulse will have no planned major content updates after 1.4. This does NOT mean there will be no map changes or events. Patches and balancing will still occur, and map changes will happen faster than before, but very little new content is planned.

Explaining development so far

Almost every single feature on impulse is made in the house by me. We rely on only a handful of third party addons because they generally sacrifice quality and the user experience. From the anti-cheat, to the inventory, to the framework, to the weapon base, to the admin system and report interface, all of it was designed from the ground up, specifically for impulse. This has been and is incredibly time consuming. Combined with the massive amount of new content added since launch (17 changelogs over 10 months) I’ve had very little time since January 2019 to actually go and work on a different project.

New focuses

While new content being added will likely stop, several massive changes have been made to ensure impulse changes more often now. The map will now be rotated every 3 weeks – 8 weeks depending on the popularity and how bored people are of the current map. This is because all the setup for all our maps is now complete and changing between them is as easy as changing the map value and pressing a button. Balance will take a greater focus, and so will events, with mini-events being introduced. Furthermore polishing existing features and fixing bugs will be a priority.

Is new content still possible?

Yes, but nothing like the rate we’ve had since launch. Completely depends on if I feel like doing it, which unfortunately is a ‘no’ most of the time. Personally I’m still interested in a bit of polish generally, adding a few new attachments to guns at some point and giving the Vortigaunt team a bit more depth with some new powers. None of that is guaranteed, just wanted to share some of the things I think are cool. I’m actually going to be open-sourcing the framework and some point soon but before I do I’m going to test it with some people internally, in that time if they wish they might be able to work on some new content such as items, weapons or other systems to be added to impulse but there is no guarantees in that regard. Please also remember, impulse has been developed in a way and a rate that is not normal for Garry’s Mod, it’s already had it’s way over it’s lifetime share of content made for it.


Thanks to everyone who’s supported this project and a special thanks to everyone who’s donated since launch. <3