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City 24 Map Change Details



As many of you will know, we recently elected to post a forum poll so that the community can decide the fate of the map change.

This vote has now closed, and the results dictate that we are to switch maps on Saturday the 17th of July, 2021 (tomorrow) at 6pm BST.

What map are we switching to?

Many of you have been anticipating that we switch to District 47, however, we are changing to City 24 v3 for the first time!

Will there be an event?

This map change will not come with an event, however, we will be running a small in-game roleplay scenario to assist with the map change.

Do I need to download extra content?

The new content should be automatically downloaded when you connect to the server, however, if you wish to explore the map ahead of time, you can find it on the Steam Workshop here

Will the map change come with an update?

When the map changes, we will be updating to version 1.7, which comes with many quality of life improvements for the gamemode.

A changelog is set to be released in the following days with more details.