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Recent service distruption update

Hi, over the past 2 weeks you may of noticed distruption to our services. This was caused by malicious attacks against our server. After investigation several measures have/are being taken to resolve this, as a result of this, the expiry date all affected donator packages have been extended by 7 days.

One of the attacks used against us was a console flood exploit, which is a Garry’s Mod level issue. Facepunch is aware and has deployed a fix.

Another attack which affected us more recently was a flood of Source Engine Query Requests. After working with Zare this attack was identified and measures are being taken to limit future attacks of this type. The normal rate of Source Engine Queries is about ~20 per second, when we were under attack we experienced over 100,000 requests per second.

To be clear; these are pretty simple flood attacks, and as a result no data/unauthorised access is at risk.

Attacks may not end immediately, as security measures are still being deployed. Once we confirm all measures are in place, we’ll enable double XP for 48 hours as a compensation method.

Thanks to Zare and Facepunch for their assistance in resolving this.